Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Character Descriptions

A sample of some of the character descriptions for Troll & Armor.

Rusty, The Embodiment of Will

Marty's reflexive attempt to destroy Lucan was a failure, but not a complete failure: The armor, unable to be harmed, remained intact. The armor lost its hold on Lucan's body, but it held on to some of his essence. Rusty, as the armor is now called, possesses Lucan's consciousness, intelligence, partial memory and force of will.

However, Rusty also possesses a personality of his own, and a strong one at that. Rusty often reminisces about the good old days with his former wearers (i.e. King Arthur, Conan, Prince Valiant). Yet, at the same time he often laments about his own tragic fate of fading into the pages of history as nothing more than a mere object which exists solely to assist its owner(s).

Rusty likes to brag about all the adventures he went through with the heroes of old, and is constantly at loggerheads with Azenta, especially when she gives advice or when she unerringly inquires more about his former owners (which she admires greatly). But deep beneath the tough exterior (pun intended), Rusty is a brave and trustworthy companion to the young visitor.

Troll, The Embodiment of Instinct

The rest of Lucan; his passions, emotions and desires, remained with his body after the Transformation Spell hit Lucan. Being left with only the primal, lower instincts and emotions, Lucan's body grew and morphed to fit the remnants of his soul, taking the form of Troll. While Troll is large and strong, he lacks the intelligence and ability to control his powerful emotions and the powers that are tied to them.

Troll is all emotion, and can be likened to a pet puppy, a small child or an angry gorilla. Driven purely by emotions and instincts such as hunger (especially), Troll will instinctively smell out and move towards the nearest rocks (a favorite of Troll's) he can find to satisfy his never-ending hunger. Troll's emotions and powers can vary based on the stuff that he eats, especially when it comes to gems (a mythical favorite dish among Trolls). These gems are said to incite Troll to unleash some of his latent powers when eaten.

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