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MDA Invigorate 2008 : Protégé Productions : Simulation : PC


“Guide the Destiny of the Tribe through the Stars.”

As the Great Spirit watching over the Tribe, use the magical power of the stars to help your tribe survive the harsh environment, answer their earnest prayers, guide the development of their village, protect them from treacherous enemies, and ultimately lead them to become the Great Tribe that they are destined to be.

Dreamcatcher is a real-time resource-management / development game interlaced with exciting tower defense battle sequences. Stylized silhouette visuals contrasted against a star-lit twilight sky help to create a magical and mystical Native-American-inspired setting.

Game Concept

In Dreamcatcher, the player utilizes the different colored stars in the sky to bestow different things on the tribe and guide the development of the tribe:-

  • Each Level requires players to complete specific objectives.

  • Players circle stars in specific groups to fulfill needs or construct buildings.

  • There are 3 primary-color stars (Green, Red, Blue) which are mostly for fulfilling Survival needs (Crops, Fire, Tepees).

  • Players can create Secondary-color stars (Purple, Yellow, Cyan) by circling two corresponding primary-color stars. These are essential for buildings / structures.

  • Players also can create special White stars by combining 3 secondary-color stars. White stars can be used to cast Magic Spells, which can aid the Tribe in a variety of ways.

  • Occasionally, players will have to help defend their village from aerial attackers in a Tower Defense-style gameplay, where efficient resource management and strategic building placement can separate victory from defeat.


Dreamcatcher Gameplay Video

Music by: McVaffe (

Dreamcatcher Battle Gameplay Video

Music by: McVaffe (


Game World / Backstory

They say that in the beginning, the Great Spirit created man out of seven stars. With a mighty hand he reached across the night sky and ground them into dust. This he gave to the Wind and she scattered them across the land, that every grain might become a man, woman or child, and so the seven tribes began.

Since then, man has always looked longingly towards the sky, and that is how we, the Ancestral Spirits of each tribe, were born. Since times immemorial we have kept watch over our children, we have guided them, protected them, taught them, and all was good. But now we live in dark times…

Tech Tree

UI Design



Anonymous said...

Interesting. It's a bit hard to follow what's going on/what's the point in the vid, but I'm sure it makes more sense in the actual game. Going to put up a link/are you allowed to?

But wow, what a trippy concept/backstory. It's original, but maybe too much so, hahaha.


Hmm, I want to get it into the hands of players, but the file download size is a little large at this point, so have to clean it up a bit first, and polish it up a little more.

About the backstory, well, that's only the first half of it, you should read what comes after that.