Thursday, September 29, 2011


Experimental Gameplay Project September 2011 : Indie / Game Maker : PC
Credits: Jeremy Kang


"History is Written by the Victors" - Winston Churchill

Memoirs is a top-down shooter featuring a gritty story about War, presented in the style of a History Book - the story unfolds and History is literarily written on one page as the Player combats enemy troops on the opposing page.

Designed for the Experimental Gameplay Project September 2011 theme of "Story Game", the original story was conceptualised, written and integrated with the gameplay in 7-days.

In Memoirs, Accuracy and Evasion are valued over an Eager Trigger-Finger, as through reducing the number of Civilians casualties in the story,  Players will gain an entirely different perspective of the events that transpire - hinting at a more sombre underlying message on the story's themes.



Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Memento Mori

Global Game Jam 2011 : Indie / Game Maker : PC
Credits: Jeremy Kang | Magnus Wong Tze Chien | Kiew Sen Lieh | Pradashini Subramaniam | Shaun Tay | Derrick Ong


"Memento Mori - Remember Your Mortality"

From concept to completion in 48-hours at the Global Game Jam 2011 (Singapore), Memento Mori is a  game based on the famous Latin poem of the same name, based on the jam's theme of "Extinction".
Featuring double metaphors related to the theme of "Extinction", players guide a Roman Poet through a series of platforms made from the famous poem, as the words crumble behind him, while he runs towards salvation. Realised through the gameplay and presentation of the game, players are left to ponder on the metaphorical overtones and how the theme of "Extinction" is realised.

Memento Mori also features 2 of the GGJ2011 achievements: "Game for a Cause" and "Mandelbrot".

GGJ-2011 Achievements:
Game for a Cause: The game is about a social or political issue that can be solved solely through increased awareness.
Mandelbrot: The game features some pattern or aspect that fractally repeats itself at different scales.



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