Saturday, November 1, 2008

Retro Billy Bones

NUS Contrast 24-hour Game Jam 2006 : Indie / Game Maker : PC


Built from scratch in a mere 24 hours by a team of 2 people, using Game Maker. Retro Billy Bones was an entry in the inaugural Contrast 24-Hour Game Jam organized by the National University of Singapore's Communications and New Media department.


Game Concept
Players guide the protagonist, Billy Bones, through the chambers of heaven and hell, as he attempts to get his life back and escape the clutches of the Netherworld. But between him and his (ex-)life, stand a group of vicious enemy guards that would do anything to stop him.

In accordance to the competition theme of "contrast", the enemies in Retro Billy Bones can only be beaten by first warping them to the opposite side, making them a contrast to their environment, before they can be eradicated.

With aesthetics and a vibe that hails from a forgotten era of gaming, Retro Billy Bones is a tip of the hat to the yester-years of gaming; when the only objective was: To kill EVERYTHING that moved.



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