Friday, December 31, 2010

Shibuya Connection

Experimental Gameplay Project December 2010 : Indie / Game Maker : PC
Credits: Jeremy Kang  | Character Artwork: Shaun Tay


"The Shibuya Scramble Crossing is the busiest pedestrian crossing in the world that sees over 1 million people every day. However, all that really matters is finding the one in a

Designed for the Experimental Gameplay Project (December 2010) theme of "Drawing", Shibuya Connection features a drawing mechanic and is based on the concept of the East-Asian myth of the Red String of Fate.

In Shibuya Connection, players have to draw lines to connect male and female pedestrians on the Shibuya Scramble Crossing with the Red String of Fate to gain points - matching charming characters based on a light-hearted representation of Japanese archetypes; while avoiding deadly Ninjas - all in the span of a frantic 2-minute scramble for the highest points possible.





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